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Lithopone B301 for Paintings & Pigments:

Lithopone is a reaction between Barium Sulphide and Zinc Sulphate.
We produce lithopone according to International Standards (ISO 473) & Chinese Standard B301 with the following Chemical Analysis:

Total Zinc Content> = 28 %
ZnO< = 1 %.
(Sum of total Zinc calculated as Zinc sulphide and barium sulphate)> = 99 %
Matter Volatile at 105 C.< = 0,5 %
Matter Soluble in water< = 0,5 %
Residue on sieve (63 UM)< = 0,1 %
Oil absorption value< = 14 g/100g

Barium Compounds:

We produce Natural Barium Sulphate from barite ore for use in painting industry.
Also our plant is able to produce any barium compounds like Barium Carbonate and Precipitated Barium Sulphate.

Zinc Dust:

Zinc Dust is used for paintings and other zinc chemicals industry with the following chemical specifications:

Total Zn95.7%. min.
Fe0.023 %
Pb0.5 %
Cd14.22 ppm

Packing: In 25 Kg polypropylene laminated bags.

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