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Zinc Base Alloys (ZAMAC Alloys):

The name ZAMAC originates from the first letters of Z zinc , A aluminum, MA magnesium and C copper.

ZINC MISR manufactures the complete range of ZAMAC alloys used for diecasting process. i.e. ZAMAC 2, 3, 5, 7, ZA8, ZA12, ZA27 and Kayem Alloys.

The choice between the different ZAMAC alloys depends on the proportions and the intended usage.

Some uses of ZAMAC alloys are in automotive parts, household appliances, toys, racks, carburetors, computers, photographic camera parts, refrigerator handles, regulators for gas tanks, builder's hardware, ornaments, fittings ...
Compostition of Zamac Alloys

General Alloy Characteristics:

Alloy 2:
Has the highest strength and hardness in the zinc -4% aluminum die casting alloy family. It is 25% stronger as cast than alloy 3 and 10% stronger than alloy 5 with higher hardness than either.

Alloy 3:
Has excellent physical and mechanical properties, castability and long-term dimensional stability.

Alloy 5:
This alloy is the most applied die casting zinc alloy. Because of its good and uniform properties It is used for such applications where, besides good mechanical properties, excellent workability and surface quality play an essential role.

Alloy 7:
It is a slightly variant from Alloy 3 with somewhat higher ductility and lower hardness. It also gives a better surface finish for plating. It is used when forming operations after casting require increased ductility.

Alloy ZA8:
It is used for hot die casting applications shows the best creep behavior of all zinc-aluminum alloys and similar mechanical properties to Alloy ZL2.

Alloy ZA12:
This alloy shows excellent cold die casting behavior and is used for all casting processes. This alloy is characterized by its excellent mechanical properties and low specific weight.

Alloy ZA27:
The strongest, hardest, and lightest of all the zinc pressure die casting alloys. It has the best wear properties and is among the most creep resistant.

Kayem Alloys:
Kayem-1 & Kayem-2 alloys have good strength for use as press tools in the manufacture of formed aluminum or steel sheets, particularly in the aircraft, automobile, and appliance industries.
Kayem also is used in dies for molding plastics or rubber.

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