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Zinc Chloride & Zinc Ammonium Chloride (Galvanizing Flux)

A flux is used to remove oxide films, promote wetting, and prevent re oxidation of the surfaces during heating.

Zinc Ammonium Chloride is used to prepare the flux bath, which cleaned iron or steel, usually in sheet form, is passed through before going through the galvanizing itself. Intermetallic compounds of iron and zinc are formed on the surface of the steel or iron being treated by heating it in the presence of finely divided zinc below the melting point of the zinc. In another, molten zinc is applied in a fine spray to the surface of the cleaned iron or steel; the zinc adheres tightly to the surface, which calls hot-dip process.

We are manufacturing zinc ammonium chloride in a variety of zinc chloride to ammonium chloride weight ratios, according to the following specifications:

Element Flux Double Salt Crystal Flux Triple Salt Crystal Flux 88% : 11%
ZnCl256 % 2 %.72 % 2 %.88 % 2 %.
NH4Cl44 % 2 %.28 % 2 %.12 % 2 %.
Fe0.002 % max.0.002 % max.0.002 % max.
Pb0.025 % max.0.025 % max.0.002 % max.
Moisture2 % max.1.5 % max.2 % max.

Fluxes are used as a "preflux", or solution flux and/or as a "topflux" or molten salt flux floating on the liquid zinc metal.

We also manufacture ZINC CHLORIDE for dry cell batteries.

Packing: In 50 Kg. polyethylene inside polypropylene laminated bag.

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