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Zinc Oxide:

ZINC MISR is producing several grades of zinc oxide for different applications.

We produce zinc oxide by French Process or "Indirect Process" using different starting material depending on the required product.

So the starting material may be electrolytic zinc 99.995%, high grade zinc 99.9%, remelted zinc, top and bottom dross, hard zinc or off grade zinc.

ZINC MISR produces the following zinc oxide grades:

Zinc Oxide Pharmaceutical Grade
ZnO99.95 %min.
Pb0.002 %max.
Fe0.001 %max.
Cu0.0002 %max.
Cd0.0002 %max.
Residue 325 ASTM0.1 %max.
Uses : Pharmaceutical - Cosmetics - Special Chemicals

Zinc Oxide White Seal Extra
ZnO99.7 %min.
Pb0.15 %max.
Fe0.010 %max.
Cu0.005 %max.
Cd0.05 %max.
Residue 325 ASTM0.1 %max.
Uses : This grade is used as accelerator activator, pigment, and reinforcing agent in rubber; ointment; pigment and mold growth inhibitor in paints; ceramics; floor tile; glass; semi-conductor in electronic devices; electronic ceramics

Zinc Oxide White Seal
ZnO99.5 %min.
Pb0.20 %max.
Fe0.015 %max.
Cu0.007 %max.
Cd0.05 %max.
Residue 325 ASTM0.1 %max.
Uses : For rubber, paint, enamel, glass and other chemical industry application

Packing: In 25 Kg polypropylene laminated bags. Also in big bags of 500 Kg or 1000 Kg.

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