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Zinc Sulphate heptahydrate (ZnSo4 7H2O)
for agriculture uses and animal feed additives:

Zinc sulphate is essential for plant growth. Zinc promotes the cell growth needed for an extended root system, formation of new leaves, for vigorous shoot growth, more even maturity, and improved stress tolerance. If zinc is limited or in short supply, crop yields and farm profits will suffer, and crop utilization of other fertilizer nutrients, such as nitrogen, will decrease.

We manufacture zinc sulphate heptahydarte with the following specifications:

Zinc Sulphate99.5 %
Insoluble Matter0.01 %
PH4.4 -6.0
Iron0.0005 %
Cadmium0.0005 %
Copper0.0005 %
Maganese0.0003 %
Lead0.001 %
Potassium0.001 %
Total Nitrogen0.0005 %
Sodium0.001 %
Chloride0.0005 %
Arsenic0.0001 %
Calcium0.001 %

Packing: In 25 Kg polypropylene laminated bags

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